Saturday, August 31, 2002

Yayyy! I am putting up a message board just because.. tee hee. It shall be fun... prolly not but I can wish it was... yayyy.

It's Tea Time for the British.


Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Creepy-ness factor : 10

Ok, we had to go to the library today for sculpture to look at some books...and we were all sitting down in the cool corner of the library where they have these comfortable plushy chairs you sit in so you can read...Well I sat next to this girl, who looks like shes at least 20-21, but she's like 27. And she is one of those " Tee-Hee Hee" types. And she has like more then 2 kids, and all while she was sitting there, she was talking about her kids and her being pregnant, and all that motherly stuff to a few of the other students... when all of a sudden, she looks over to me and looks at my drawing....and THIS happens:

..................................THAT, was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ....creepy. She just turned her head said the " You look like my cousin..blah blah" and then after she got done complimenting me on my pretty hair and face she turned her head and started talking about something else totally random...what the frickin HELL!?! I am beginning to wonder if there is like a "pattern" going on seems every 2 months someone comes up to me and says something ABSOLUTLY CREEPY to me, then goes on his or her merry wee way. It's a plot... I know it is...a plot to unravel my very own existence!

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Pee&Crumpets: tee

Kerrington22: :D is sooo annoying..

Kerrington22:LisaZao: hi there how are you?
Kerrington22: fine
LeesuhZao: cool, hows school
Kerrington22: good
LeesuhZao: whathave you been up to?
Kerrington22: nothing
LeesuhZao: why?
Kerrington22: because
LeesuhZao: oh.....well I cant say I have done anything except run the roads
Kerrington22: ah.
LeesuhZao: but thought I would say hello

Kerrington22: all she does is ask questions.
Pee&Crumpets: bahaha
Kerrington22: "what are you doing? what did you do today? where did you go? did you see anyone cool? how long were you out for? what did you buy? what did youhave for dinner? "
Kerrington22: GAH
Pee&Crumpets: and you have all these one word answers
Pee&Crumpets: bahaha
Kerrington22: I know!
Kerrington22: It would seem if i answered them in one word then she would get the picture..
Kerrington22: BUT SHE DOESNT!
Pee&Crumpets: tell her about yer vaggie
Kerrington22: no! she would just ask questions about it.
Pee&Crumpets: lol
Kerrington22: "how is your vag today? what color is it? do you wipe when you go pee? what color underware are you wearing? Do you have vaginal dryness?"
Pee&Crumpets: lol
Pee&Crumpets: :D
Pee&Crumpets: :D
Pee&Crumpets: :D
Kerrington22: NOO! NOO :D FACES!
Kerrington22: -sobs-
Pee&Crumpets: :D
Kerrington22: :D IM ANNOYING!
Pee&Crumpets: LMAO
Kerrington22: :D Hi Marl! I'm :D What did you do today!?
Pee&Crumpets: *cries*
Kerrington22: :D How many times have you pooped? Do you like to poop?
Kerrington22: :D I like to run the roads and day dream about being in Brad's arms.
Kerrington22: :D Touch my foo foo! *chases after you fo-evah*
Pee&Crumpets: *crawls in a hole and dies*
Kerrington22: :D *follows you into the hole and cradles your body and starts dry humping it*
Pee&Crumpets: lmao
For whatever reasons :D does this to me, I will never know. Only that it's probably to annoy the hell out of me... *Runs :D over with her Carnival Wagon*

Monday, August 26, 2002

I wanted to see if what would I get if i searched for :D at Google under the "Image" search... this is what I got...

. . frightening.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Fun With Translations

Here is todays lesson in Fun With Translations. Today we will be learning Germgrish.

My cock is so huge you wouldn't be able to touch it because you have a small wiener. I like hot dogs. I like to poop on hot dogs. I am the queen of hot dogs. There is a giant sausage between my legs.
Mein Hahn ist, also sehr groß würden Sie nicht können, ihn zu berühren, weil Sie ein kleines Wiener Würstchen haben. Ich mag heiße Hunde. Ich mag zum poop auf heißen Hunden. Ich bin die Königin der heißen Hunde. Es gibt eine riesige Wurst zwischen meinen Beinen.
My cock is, thus very largely you could not do to touch it because you have a small Viennese small sausage. I like hot dogs. I like to poop on hot dogs. I am the queen of the hot dogs. There is an enormous sausage between my legs.
I rode a bike to a store that sold many dildos. I had to pick up a fake ding dong for k.d.lang. k.d.lang is very very butch. She is a singing lesbian and she likes to put a strap-on on and wiggle it in Sammy Hagars hair. I feel like taking a huge dump on your grannie.
Ich ritt ein Fahrrad zu einem Speicher, der viele dildos verkaufte. Ich mußte ein ding dong der Fälschung für k.d.lang. k.d.lang aufheben bin sehr sehr butch. Sie ist ein singender Lesbier und sie mag a Brücke-auf an setzen und wiggle es in Haar Sammy Hagars. Ich fühle wie das Nehmen eines sehr großen Speicherauszugs auf Ihrer Oma.
I rode a bicycle to a memory, which sold many dildos. I had to remove a thing dong the falsification for k.d.lang. k.d.lang am very much butch. It is a singing Lesbier and it may A bridge on on set and wiggle it in hair Sammy Hagars. I feel like a taking of a very large dump on your granny.
In other news, It seems that Osoma bin Aladin has recently discovered the American made dildo and is frankly, quite fasinated by it. It shows here that he is attempting to show his "followers" how to moisturize their weenies.

They need to do this because, as you may well already know, it gets extreamly hot in the desert and thus they need to maintain using penis cream since they do not want to have their penis's to get all dry and flakey. But what the retard doesn't know is that that isn't penis cream...that there is the German equivalent of Nair.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Fun With Translations!!

I recently found a translator at, and I found out that it can be quite amusing to use. The French language will be todays Fun with Translations entry. I will be first writting a sentence in English, then have it translated into French. Then I will have the French translated back into English, and that's where it get's funnie, because the French language can be quite... fecked up now and again. It's kinda like Engrish. But Frenglish.

The first sentece will be:

" I have a blue goat. He is a pretty goat, and I like to take him to the beach, where I like to put a mask on him and then I like for him to take a crap on my face."

In French
J'ai une chèvre bleue. Il est une jolie chèvre, et j'aime le porter à la plage, où j'aime mettre un masque sur lui et alors j'aime pour qu'il prenne un crap sur mon visage
In Frenglish
I have a blue goat. It is a pretty goat, and I like to carry it to the range, where I like to put a mask on him and then I like so that it takes a crap on my face
Well that wasn't THAT funnie, as I was expecting it to be. Let's try again.
I have a hairy ass. My ass is extreamly hairy and your butt looks like someone glued horse crap on it. Your feces stink so bad it makes me want to go and bury my head in some girls vagina that hasn't showered in 50 days. You are a giant turd, and your girlfriend looks like Rosie O'Donnel.
J'ai un âne velu. Mon âne est vos de bout ressembler extreamly velus et à quelqu'un crap collé de cheval là-dessus. Vos résidus puent ainsi le mauvais qu'il m'incite à vouloir pour aller enterrer ma tête dans le vagin de quelques filles qui n'a pas versé en 50 jours. Vous êtes un turd géant, et votre petite amie ressemble à Rosie O'Donnel
I have a hairy ass. My ass is your end to resemble extreamly hairy and to somebody crap stuck horse on top. Your residues puent the bad one thus that it encourages me to want to go to bury my head in the vagina of some girls which did not pour in 50 days. You are a giant turd, and your girl friend resembles Rosie O' Donnel
Yes...this time I was succsessful. Tomarrow, we will discover Fun With Translations in Germgrish.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

A story. By: Kerrington Tea Time.

Wheel of Coloncapitaldee and the walk to Ashley

I don’t even like Michigan State. I wanted to go to Oakland Community College in Detroit…but no. Well, I am doing it for the money, really. You see, I was sent here to spy. All the paperwork got done, and I was roomed with Bradley Wilson, the boy that I was sent to spy on. My master is :D you see, I will do whatever she says. Plus it has to do with the fact that my race is not really Caucasian… I am really what they call the Coloncapitaldee race. Only the government knows of, “our kind.”
I must reminisce… back to the meeting with :D

“ You MUST do it Aaron! You must spy on him for me! I must know what he is doing! You must annoy the fuck out of him so that he comes back…to Hale…to be with me!” :D cried out in her moment of fury.

“I don’t know if I can do it… I mean, I want to go to Oakland…not to some huge school, where I will have to interact with a bunch of Caucasians!” said Aaron.

:D stormed up to Aaron and grabbed him by the scruff.

“You. Will. Fucking. Do. Whatever. I. Say.”

:D then proceeded to smack Aaron across the face with such a force, that after the little stars had vanished, he was beginning to think that :D was kinda sexy…wait, no.

So it was to be. He was going to the huge state college in Michigan. He had to register his major as “Politics”, since Brad was going to, or was aspiring to be a…lawyer. He had to live in a huge dorm full with Caucasian males. And he had to room with one. But Brad was the apple of his masters eye. The fruit of :D ‘s …. Wait no. He was…oh hell. He was what :D yearned for…her loins would smoke occasionally from thinking of him. And that made Aaron nervous. He never knew one of his kind to be so creepy…and obsessive. It was scary.

He had received Brad’s phone number in the mail that day. The school sent everyone’s roommates numbers to them so they could call each other before the term started to get to know each other a bit.

“Hi, is Brad there.”
“This is Brad…”
“Hi! This is Aaron, your roommate.”
“Oh hey.”
…..- awkward silence –
“ Well I just called to say hello and that I will be your room-mate, hee hee.”
“Yeah….Well I am Brad. So are you looking forward to this fall?”
“Yeah, I’m a bit nervous. – chuckle – So what kinda things are you into?”
“I like to read books, play online, hang out with friends, go to the lake and in my spare time I like to play the clarinet.”
“Oh… I like to read “Wheel of Time.”
“ I love “Wheel of Time.” I know EVERYTHING about the series…I once dressed up as that one guy with the stick for Halloween ’99. And one time I tried saving up some money so I could go and make my way to the authors house so I could camp out on the lawn.”
“Oh…that’s cool, I guess. Well I hate to cut this short, but I have to go to the bar. Talk to you later then. Bye.”

Now he was in the dorm with Brad. Brad had come a day early, so he couldn’t set up the secret video cameras that :D had wanted him to put near Brad’s bed. It would have to wait.

Until then, He would have to annoy the piss out of Brad. By his constant bickering on about “ Wheel of Time”, and following him around so he couldn’t make any friends, Brad was driven to the point of going to visit a girl that was going to Michigan State too that he went to high school with. And she was cleverly annoying also. It never stops.
Oh No...

Oh dear God....I didn't know Brad was on Star Trek...He must have auditioned to be on the new series but prolly decided not to let him on since he has that huge 3rd degree burn on his forehead and insists on carrying that jell-o like dildo around called the Majestic.

"Make it sooooo"

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

While staying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it seems that :D has learned how to become and Animagius. Apparently, she has taken the form of a sea-turtle.....

....*shakes head*

Now that she is in this new form, she can easily go through the pipes to Brads dorm, and try to rape him with her Turtle-Vagina-Penis.
I had a creepy dream last night. I dreamed about being stuck in some underbrush...and there were an ASSLOAD of spiders all around me, making webs and like frolicking and just plainly being creepy (cuz I think spiders are creepy). Then after I managed to free myself, I found myself running in the field that is on the east side of our hourse... and I was running to my woods that is back there...and I turn around while I am running and there is an ASSLOAD of frickin deer chasing me! At first I was all creeped out and thought that they were going to eat me...then after I stop being scarred of them, they all came up and wanted me to pet them... so I I looked up what that all means and it's cool cuz it's all good.
If you dream that you see many spiders hanging in their webs around you, foretells most favorable conditions, fortune, good health and friends.
hmm.. riiighhhttt
This is a favorable dream, denoting pure and deep friendships for the young, and a quiet and even life for the married

Ok...that IS CREEPY! But at least they are good dreams... not like: you will die by the hands of :D and your body will not be found until is has rotted all away, and all that is left of you is your skeeellllytin and a box of 'Super Scoop' kitty litter.

I am going to be working on another :D story...I'm thinking about submitting it too Fan and seeing how creepy they think I am, along with getting some reviews from people on it.... Along with the other story that I wrote the other day...which reminds me that I must put that on the :D page.

Oh, and I must not forget to mention that Brad has gone down to MSU to his dorm, where he must live with this guy:

Right now, Brad is probably jerking off in his new dorm room and in his new bathroom that he get's to share with 3 other people. YAY FOR HIM!

And I also need to mention that now I have NO friends here. They have all gone off to college... even :D is off to college next therefore, I need to make friends at college.. which isn't likely because they are all creepy and Cletus-ie.
Brad leaves for college today. :D is sad.

Poor :D

Monday, August 19, 2002

:D SPOTTED AT MSU -- What will Michigan State University students do?

Andy MacDonald, of Michigan State University in Lansing Michigan, was walking about campus getting ready for the new fall term when he happend to walk by the MSU Mascot Statue of a Spartan and discovered that croching behind the bronze statue, was :D

"Like HOLY CRAP DUDE! I saw it, and bolted right for the nearst phone. I've heard about that...that THING being let lose and is looking for some kid named Brad that will be starting this year. Poor guy. If I knew some creature like that was out looking for me, I would dig a hole in the ground and put myself out of this misery." Andy told us when we arrived on the scene.

Luckily, a passing photography student captured the beast on her digital camera, and gave it to the local police department for evidence. Here is what was on the camera:

When the cops arrived on the scene, the :D must have knew something was up, and so therefore it ran. To go on it's journy to search for Brad. For extra protective measures, there will be more rent-a-cops put around the dormitory where Brad will be living for the next 9 or so months. Just to be on the safe side. I hope the lad will be OK.
so let me narrate ......* does her best charlton heston voice*

[ So as the young's sat in class doing their internet surfing during their classowkr lab time, they contemplated not being so lazy ]

Anywho...the point is that Im no better than everyone else because my ass is in here...logged into blogger doing everything but my classwork. I blame Kerry/ Simon birtch for why Im being so lazy in here when I know I shouldnt. Its cause her feet kinda smell like corn chips. uh.....right.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Thyarr: ...
Kerrington22: GIGGLLLEEESS!! :D
Thyarr: jesus
Kerrington22: JESUS GIGGLES!
Kerrington22: I LIKE TO GIGGLE!
Kerrington22: DO YOU! :D *giggles*
Thyarr: no.
Kerrington22: - plays some Carnival music -
Thyarr: *runs away*
Kerrington22: - plays an organ on a wagon and follows Brad -

Kerrington22: Hi Hi Hi HI HI!!!
Thyarr: brb you creepy bitch
Kerrington22: come back!! - follows Brad on her moving wagon and plays carnival music on her organ -
Kerrington22: GOOTEN TAG!
Thyarr: *cries*
Kerrington22: *giggles*
Kerrington22: snoochie bootchies.. i am creepy
Thyarr: You are so much worse than creepy.
Kerrington22: I think it was the tea

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Brad and :D dressed and ready for prom. Nothing like a handful of man meat to end a perfect night

"If I Could Turn Back Time" written by Bradwick

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that hurt :D and :D'd stay

I don't know why I did the things I did
I don't know why I said the things I said
Love's like a knife it can cut deep inside
Words are like weapons they wound sometimes.

I didn't really mean to hurt :D I didn't wanna see :D go I know I made :D cry, but :D

If I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that hurt :D and :D'd stay
If I could reach the stars I'd give them all to :D
Then :D'd love me, love me like :D used to do

If I could turn back time

My world was shattered I was torn apart
Like someone took a knife and drove it deep in my heart
:D walked out that door I swore that I didn't care
But I lost everything darling then and there

Too strong to tell :D I was sorry
Too proud to tell :D I was wrong I know that I was blind, and ooh...


:D was spotted in the mainland of Russia, sitting on a snow drift waiting for the yellow bus to take her god-knows-where. If my calculations are correct, that bus goes to the airport... which only means that :D is on the move again, and is probably getting closer and closer to Bradwick with every step she takes. The poor lad.
:D sat quietly in her room...thinking of what she always thought about.


She sighed lustfully. Suddenly, the sweet tones of Celine Dion came on the radio. :D quickly hurried to her piano.

She began to sing and play, replacing her own words...the ones that expressed what Brad meant to her.

(Download this first and listen as you read the words)

For all those times Brad stood by me
Even though Brad knows I'm creepy
For all the joy Brad brought to my life
I wish I could rape him and be his wife
For every dream Brad made come true
I want to hug him, and kiss him too
I'll be forever thankful Bradley
Brad's the one who held me up
Even though he didn't know
Brad's the one who saw me through...through it all

Brad was my strength when I was weak
Brad was my voice when I couldn't speak
Brad was my eyes when I couldn't see
Brad saw the best there was in me
Ran away when I was creepy,
Brad gave me faith 'coz Brad believed
I'm everything I am
Because I stalked Brad

:D wiped a tear and went to stare at her BradShrine.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Bradwick inspired this:

And this was inspired by the movie "Dogma," it is known that I am really creepy now, and I indeed have no life.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Leesuh sat on her back porch reading “The Guide to Control the One You Love” sipping her Dr. Pepper. It had been a whole 2 years since she was last touched…touched by a man. The man to have given her this touch was Ron. Ron was a slow dumb piece of crap. Literally. He had the Down Syndrome down fairly well, and she just loved to touch his droopy forehead after a little fore-play. Ron always told her how he felt about her.

“I uve yoew leesuh. Ebin if I am slitley weetoddid, it shouldn’t matter.”

Oh how she felt the same way. But after letting Ron touch her fun-bags and poking around her backside, he soon fell victim to the side that liked to commit crimes. After he was drug from his lover by a policeman, she vowed that she would never love again…until one day she broke that vow…

His name was Brad. Oh Brad was utterly and completely lovely. She never knew such a man as him. She must have him. He was to be the one. It had never occurred to her that Brad was so compatible with what she sought for a man. Being around him all through High School she never really thought about it, until when she became a junior. Being around him throughout her high school career, she could barley even focus on what she was doing half the time. Routinely asking to be excused from class so she could go to the girls bathroom to primp for Brad before the bell rang and they met in the halls filled with the student populous…oh he was grand.

She was so shy though. How could she attract such a mate? Mate. Yes. He was her mate. She often giggled to herself thinking about what kind of mating call he had if he were to ever have one. “ Oh I bet it’s just filled with sexy squeaks and gurgles,” she often thought to herself when thinking about it.

It was toward the halfway mark of the year and Brad seemed to be not hanging out as much as he was with her and her gang of hoodlums. “Where is he?” she often wondered at lunchtime. So she decided to capture his attention with a little letter…expressing, and confessing her complete obsession for him--to love her!

Dear Bradley,

I have been wanting to write this for some time. I have been sitting in my room for the past 4 hours trying to figure out how to say this…but I will just say it.

Bradley…Gordon Wilson, I am totally in-love with you. You are my star in the night sky. You are my pizza sauce on my pizza. I am nothing without you. I have been dreaming of the day I will be lying next to you and looking into your face, a face that has just experienced completion with our frantic love making. I will lightly tuck away a piece of your hair that has fallen into your flushed face and I will continue to stroke the wet, brown tendrils gently. :D

I don’t know why I picked you, but you are my mate. I just know it. We must be together. I think it started at the beginning of this year. Noticing your arse, and how it swings from side to side…oh how I want to burry my face in that arse and give you the best rim job you have ever received. But oh…you are a virgin… I will teach you the ways then. Oh yes, I will lovely one.

I hope you take this letter to heart and share the same feelings as I do. But if not, then please let me know and we can continue to be friends and not feel awkward after this letter.

Check yes or no or maybe.
yes[ ] no [ ] maybe[ ]

Love Always,

Brad had not come to school the next day. Oh how it tortured her. Her heart felt like it was going to bust and she couldn’t stomach anything. “Does he want to pursue a relationship? Does he just want to be friends? Have I totally lost him forever?” she wondered… but she would not know until he showed his cherub like face to school.

The following day Brad came to school, but walked right up to her and handed her a letter, keeping his eyes adverted and walked away into the middle hall. Frantically, she ran to the girls’ bathroom to open her letter and read what her love has pronounced.


No, I do not want to go out with you. I do not want to be in a relationship with anyone right now and not with you either. Sorry.


Oh…Oh no, no, no! This cannot be! As tears rolled down her face she winced as someone opened one of the bathroom stalls.


It was she.

Her second cousin, Carrie.

“Hi leesuuh! “ She said

“ Hi Carrie, see you later.”

To know the truth, Leesuh hated her cousin. She thought she was the work of the devil. They were both in the same grade and she hated her because her parents were cooler, had cooler clothes than her, got away with everything and was a lot better looking than herself not to mention thinner than her, and didn’t have wide hips. Oh how she wanted to make a pendulum and put Carrie on the slab and laugh manically as her cousin was slowly sliced in half. Oh how she would love to see that. To make matters worse, Leesuh noticed that Brad was beginning to hang around Carries group of friends. Oh they were the losers… wearing huge jeans that they would trip over all the time, shirts with sparkles and sayings on them like “ Go Fuck a Pig” or “ My Grandma is Naked.” They even had piercings and tattoos! They were freaks.

There was Amy. Amy was in Leesuhs grade too and probably the worst of the lot. She would always tell people straight up that they sucked. Telling all the jocks that they had small wieners and such. Always making trouble for Mrs. Putman (“Oh how I love Mrs. Putnam” leesuh would cry out in the night), making trouble for Miss. Yetter, the principle… no one was safe.

Then there was Melissa. Melissa was ok, in Brads grade, but she seemed to always be eating or drawing. She had a secret hatred even for her though because she could eat and eat and not get fat. Die. Plus her and Brad have been buddies since 4th grade. Despise, despise!

Jesska. Jesska was nice too, also in her grade, but she would always make Leesuh feel stupid because she always questioned stuff.

Then Carrie. Carrie was just Carrie and needed to be sliced in half.

But Brad liked them all more than his old friends. Oh no…things had to change. Yes indeed.

The next year, when Leesuh became a senior, she saw no letting up of Carries horde, slowly turning Brad into a disgusting deviant. Even a small girl in her grade once said:

“Brad use to be so innocent and nice. But Carrie and Jesska turned him into a deviant!”

This had to stop. He always hung around them. In the halls. Between classes, and especially at the bench that they had claimed as theirs in the middle hallway. They would take their lunch out there and eat on it, instead of eating in the cafeteria like all the other normal students. He especially got close to Jesska and Carrie.

“They’re having a threesome! I know they are!” Leesuh knew it. But even though Brad was slowly slipping away, she became more and more attached. Oh Brad…

Sitting back and putting her book down, Leesuh finished off her Dr. Pepper and decided to go back inside. Her senior year was hell. Brad was totally in the freaks clutches and were not letting him go. Even at graduation he hung out with Carrie, Jesska and Amy, not even giving her a hug. She would sit up at night writing poetry about her Bradley. Hers. No one else’s. Then after graduation and during his senior year, she noticed Carrie was hanging around Brad a lot.

“OH GOD! THERE HAVING RELATIONS!” she screamed inside her head. But in what little she knew, they just hung out and made fun of her. But she thought other wise. She had this “Brad and Carrie together” radar… one time she was sitting at home and then she got this strange feeling that Brad and Carrie were on their way to the movie theater…then the next day one of her friends would say that they saw them at the movies. Oh, this had to stop.

If anything could get any worse…Carrie got a job at the restaurant that Brad and herself have been working at for the past year. She thought she finally had brad all to herself…biding her time, as to when she would jump him in the freezer…but not now. She was to begin working Wednesday. Then Melissa got a job there also. Oh this was HELL!

Must kill Carrie...must kill…

And so, she endured months and months of Carrie and Brad being friends and teasing her behind her back. It hurt the worst when Brad would get into fights with her. She just liked to be talkative! Knowing that she lost her way with him when she told him she loved him endlessly…and she was stupid. Oh she was sooo stupid for telling Carrie that she still had feelings for him.

LeesuhZayo: I like someone!
Kerrington: Who is that?
LeesuhZayo: I don’t want to say…really.
Kerrington: I think I know who it is! :P It’s Brad isn’t it!?
LeesuhZayo: Yes! But please don’t say anything! I love him! I know he doesn’t like me but I can never get him outta my mind… I want to have his babies. I know nothing will ever happen but I just can’t stop thinking…what if?

That had been a big mistake... She knew she would go right to Brad and tell him. And tell him she did. She knew Carrie told because Brad started acting strange… and then she heard that she was annoying online. She cried every night for 2 months after that.

LeesuhZayo: Hi! What is happening?
Thyarr: nothing.
LeesuhZayo: So how was work?
Thyarr: fine.
LeesuhZayo: When do you work next?
Thyarr: Friday.
LeesuhZayo: Not very talkative today are we!
Thayrr: no.
LeesuhZayo: So when are you working next week?
Thayrr: Thayrr Signed Off at 9:34:49 PM

Let’s just say conversations went quick with him.

Present days have been just as worse…Carrie was everywhere and there was no seeing Brad alone. But not to worry…he was going to college soon! And would be closer to her than Carrie would! Yes! Leesuh was planning to go to Brad’s dorm and hang out with him a lot. And some day… make him see that they belonged to each other…oh yes…Brad. Will. See.
I saw a strange apparition last night while I went out to put my dogs in the kennel thing... I looked over my shoulder cuz I started to hear a strange 'gurgling' noise and I looked to the field, and I saw this:

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

While Bradwicks stunning re-inactment of last nights drunken festivities is quite stunning... Kerrington took her precious time to bring you high quality imagery to better see the creepy light...

Yes... indeed.
Life is like a box of chocolates... never know how creepy it's gonna get.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Kerrington Tea Time rolls on the floor...laughing her FECKING arse off at Bradwicks last post...literally holds herself close to the desk so she does not fall, then begins to cry because laughing makes her face hurt because it is so sunburnt

Anyways... The muse struck me last night when It decided Kerrington needed to write something creepy in her poetry type journal thing. I havent written in it for at least 8 months. So after I wrote what I had too, I started to read it from front to however far I have gotten in it... wow.. all I must say is that I AM REALLY CREEPY AND FECKED UP! Some of the poetry is serious...while most of it is absolutly cracked. Here, I will type some of the creepy stuff that I have written so you can see how frickin strange I am.
These are my series of " Non-Sense Poem's by Carrie " that I am hoping one day to publish, and I know I will be famous from them because no one in their right mind would write something totally weird like this....thus people buy CRAP!

Grandma's teeth! Oh my! Grandma's teeth are over! Noooo! Grandma's teeth hate me!

A wee rabbit came into an inn once. It asked " How many of them frisbees aren't for sale in my anus?" The Rabbit did not get an answer. You should never talk to strangers. Even if it's a nice Inn, don't talk to it. it. it. it. it. it. INN. The Rabbits grandma's tooth saw jelly poop eat your anus.

Nothing can't be nothing because it is something, nothing is something. So much drama, so little corndogs.

Ok, there is a smidgeon of what I am capable of...and it is creepy. thank you! I am going to put up a weird little page for all my weird poetry too. hehe, whenever I get around tew it. That is all.
Various people have seen :D walking around with a Harry Potter book recently. This was a mystery until recently, but my contact inside Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has sent me this startling picture.

Now, that's odd. Why would :D be hanging around Hogwarts? Brad does not live at Hogwarts, and neither does Nathan, or James, or Ryan.

But then it hit me. If :D could learn to fly on a broomstick, she could watch Brad wherever he went.


Monday, August 12, 2002

Thyarr: *touches his stomach and his hand lights on fire*
Kerrington22: lol. no kidding.. that's how mine is tew.
Kerrington22: :D
Kerrington22: my legs are really bad also
Thyarr: Mine just ended up a lil tan.
Kerrington22: - bakes a cake because skin cancer is comming over -
Thyarr: ROFL
I don't know exactly how to describe :D...but she loves her some Quarterbounce.

Well Maria, you are somewhat close to what :D is. If you look to your right, you will see a link under ' creepy comics & linkage' that is called " The Entity that is :D " and that should let you know what :D is. It gives you some backround information.

Ok, This is going to be a LARGE image...because it must be big so you can get the full please be patient while it loads, smut-lover. Anyways, it's about today, when Me, Brad, :D , our friends James and Jen, went tubeing down the AuSable River in Michigan for 3 hours. Let me just say... :D got to be extreamly creepy and mentioned the drunk party game " quarter bounce" about every 20 minutes...and started yelling about James being a Monkey, and kept ending up tangled in dead tree stumps in the middle of the is what we saw...

 : D

All I must say is that it was a RATHER creepy day for us...excluding :D ( Note to everyone: I am not a nazi, according to Marias last post. ;P )
Ok, so heres what Im thinking. Lets hear. Well, for one Im thinking that :D is actually a person and Im boggled to whom it could be. Based on your sketch of the girl shes either the unibomber, a chick kerry once met at IHOP, or my friend Dreama's little sister( who has severe down syndrome), Destiny. Thats sorta not a choice name in my baby name book ( that I wrote POOP all over the cover on) but asides from that, yeah.....she looks like your drawings of :D. My last image of the poor girl looks alot like that picture too. Lets remenissssssssssss.......::it was late 99' and my friend Sarah was hosting a party for a bunch of kids and on the count of her being half messican, she yes...bought a few pinatas. Well, when it came to Destiny's turn the grownups decided to let her hit the poor clay mache thinger without the blindfold....on the count of her handicapp I guess which I think is bogus. Blind that kid too like the others. Anywho....they handed her a stick...and she went at it...BAM! BAM! BAM.....and they decided to take the stick away from her when she almost hit a kid in the side while swinging. The poor kid though was not done swinging in the air in hopes of having candy falling all over her and onto the dog poop infested grass, so she started to scream all wierd like. Next thing you know her and her mom struggle for the stick............and the kid is tough so they just let her finish sorta. Sorta...well....she wanted to be the only one to hit it in other words. She caused a scene. In the end....they put her in the car and took her home, and we all ate cake and opened presents. ah yes. Well my point is.....I think your character looks like one of the jaCKson siblings too...blehk. Kerry is a nazi.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Apparently :D has tired of hanging around the mainland and has headed towards the South Sea.

She can swim like a fish!

Saturday, August 10, 2002

GrandmaNakkie: - Grandma Nakkie is safe... -
Thyarr: lmfao
GrandmaNakkie: - safe from the beast...-
GrandmaNakkie: - ... known as :D -
Thyarr: Oh gramma nakkie, i am so happy for you
GrandmaNakkie: Thank you deary
GrandmaNakkie: These old bones cannot take much more...
Thyarr: Oh Gramma...I'm so glad to see you safe from :D
GrandmaNakkie: I remember back in the 'ol days when I was in the justice nakkie squad... we would sit outside for hours and hours just trying to get a good aim at :D 's head..
Thyarr: Oh, I wish I could have seen you in that spandex, Gramma.
GrandmaNakkie: yes... I was quite the sexy little slut back then.
Thyarr: Yeah I'd do ya.
GrandmaNakkie: I'd do yah too deary if I could put a bag over that head of yours
Thyarr: I'd be willing!
GrandmaNakkie: I only have love for k.d
GrandmaNakkie: you should know that!
Thyarr: I wish I could win you back to the straight side, Granny.
GrandmaNakkie: - finds a paper bag and glues a picture of k.d.lang on the front from a lesbian magizine-
GrandmaNakkie: well you know when I was a man, I use to havemy few flings with the gentlemen...but that got old. I WANT SOME PUUSSSAAY!
Thyarr: You are like Jessi!
GrandmaNakkie: Who is this... Jessi you speak of so much? Is she your wanton slut of a bitch?
Thyarr: No! She works at Bob's. She's nassy.
GrandmaNakkie: Does she have a perm?
Thyarr: Uh, I dunno. It's bright blonde.
GrandmaNakkie: - oohs and ahh's -
GrandmaNakkie: Tell me boy, have you any disire to meet the holy k.d ?
Thyarr: I saw her at Hale Tavern last night.
GrandmaNakkie: Oh goodness...did she look yummy?
Thyarr: Uh...'creepy' woulda been my description...
GrandmaNakkie: Even better...
GrandmaNakkie: Was she one with the Camel Toe?
Thyarr: No...she was the mannish one.
GrandmaNakkie: :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Thyarr: *screams*
GrandmaNakkie: -becomes possessed-
GrandmaNakkie: :D Hi BRAD!
Thyarr: AHHH! No! Go away :D
GrandmaNakkie: :D I am here to ask you if you wanted to go with me to look at ponies!
GrandmaNakkie: :D We can go for a hay ride after!
Thyarr: No hay ride.
Thyarr: no ponies
GrandmaNakkie: <:*D -sob-
Wow. These are really, really funny.

Or maybe I'm just on heroin. *smacks veins*
Sometimes I wish that network television exec's would listen to the publics ideas because beleive me, there are possible good ideas out there that would result in a show that if not as good as FULL HOUSE.....possibly better. I had one. Its semi auto biographical, based on my dog that got lost a few weeks back. He was a pretty talented dog too. He could pee on ANYTHING...and from any angle. I miss him. Anywho....this show i thought up would be based somewhat on my dog but with a hitch.......he tapdances. I even made a icon

I myself am no fan of Will and Grace...or Friends. Damn, Ross is such a loser! My point is though that a show about a tapdancing dog has the potential to reach goals and touch lives such as Bethoven the dog, Benjy or even that sheepdog that drove that car from bleh...I dont rememeber which movie....its old though. Someone tell I can rent it.
Recently, :D has joined the Army. Hoping that she'll be able to parachute into Bradwick's dorm and rape him, she has become a paratrooper.

I took this picture when I snuck into Oscoda's old military base.

Eyes on the sky, people, she could come down like RAIN on yo'asses at any moment.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Tell me how creepy I am!

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Oh shut up Brad... you DO NOT watch football!! If there was anything to lie about, that would be it!

You pansy!

If I wasn't laughing so hard I would so claw at you girls and pull your hair." Ok.. that was deffinitly GAY.. " claw at you girls and pull your hair If that isnt just a bit queer then i dont know what is.

I was joking you slut. :P -bradwick
If I wasn't laughing so hard I would so claw at you girls and pull your hair.

Brad likes WOMEN! He is BUTCH! He watches FOOTBALL and says swear words!

So nyah! But speaking of hot women...I'm so jealous of Maria..

Soooooooo hot.
Hot off the press

CleanPooOnAisle3: arent you friends with that kid brad?
CleanPooOnAisle3: He doesnt like women does he?
CleanPooOnAisle3: tsk tsk
GrandmaNakkie: You mean Bradwick? yes, I know him...
GrandmaNakkie: He doesn't seeem to let GrandmaNakkie have Her way with him..
GrandmaNakkie: I think he is gay.
CleanPooOnAisle3: I guess that would explain why he has a magazine cutout of that male model TYSON BECKFORD in his wallet
GrandmaNakkie: I was wondering about that...
GrandmaNakkie: Also, he does have a rather GAY car...
CleanPooOnAisle3: i seen it all quicklike.....he was at the fabric store buying fabric....and i seen his wallet pictures
GrandmaNakkie: It's a Crystler Le Baron
GrandmaNakkie: What kind of Fabrics?
CleanPooOnAisle3: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.......isnt it a lebaron?......I bet he wishes.....he could drive a Le' Baron...

CleanPooOnAisle3: polyester glittery ones
GrandmaNakkie: It's one of those gay names.
CleanPooOnAisle3: like le mans
GrandmaNakkie: Was he going to make jammies with them? it seems that would be a bit uncomfortable to wear.
CleanPooOnAisle3: although I have heard him say something about a "girlfriend" but he sorta flung his wrist when he said....and he was saying it like....." oh Girlfriend!! dont let yo man treat you like that" , then he snapped his fingers
CleanPooOnAisle3: plus he was wearing a pink tee that said CATCHER on it...and the boy standing next to him had one that said PITCHER
GrandmaNakkie: Ohhh yeaah! I remember him wearing that kinda shirt before, cept instead of it being pink it was blue with a picture of a sundae on it...
CleanPooOnAisle3: I only wondering because a friend of mine said she wanted to date him...but she admitted she wanted to date him only because he knows how to do hair really good
GrandmaNakkie: I don't know who his " pitcher" friend would be...
CleanPooOnAisle3: he was much older ...sorta looked like fredddy mercury
GrandmaNakkie: Well grannma nakkie saw him in the the garden plucking weeds, when a neighbor boy walked by...and Brad tore off after the lad, then jumped him behind my rose bushes.
GrandmaNakkie: To say the least.. I was pissed. My poor roses.
CleanPooOnAisle3: reallly?! i sorta seen something like that but not quite
CleanPooOnAisle3: I seen his lebaron pull into a truck stop....
GrandmaNakkie: REALLY!
CleanPooOnAisle3: and then him and some biker....that was eating an omlette across from the up.....and took the plate of omlette into the restroom
GrandmaNakkie: eww! you dont think.. that they used the omlette...for.. for.. you know...
GrandmaNakkie: -covers eyes-
CleanPooOnAisle3: OH...I hope not..i mean ...ive heard stories about him using dog hair on his wiener...but i dunno if hes into omlette sex
GrandmaNakkie: I heard stories too..but they involved 4 golf balls and a kitty scooper...
CleanPooOnAisle3: I HEARD that one too!!!!!!
GrandmaNakkie: -gasp-
CleanPooOnAisle3: also involved a underage boy...
GrandmaNakkie: Did Phillip tell you!?
CleanPooOnAisle3: about?
GrandmaNakkie: about the golfballs!
CleanPooOnAisle3: nuh....he just told me about his drinking
CleanPooOnAisle3: that he drinks alot..
CleanPooOnAisle3: i mean alot!!!!! that the poor boy brad drinks shots of bourbon from steel toe boots....
GrandmaNakkie: I heard Brad gets off when some midget dressed up as Peter Pan takes tweezers and plucks his eyebrows...
GrandmaNakkie: Steel toe boots....
CleanPooOnAisle3: did ya hear the one about him paying those ice cream truck drivers to smear Big sticks on his colon until they melted and got syrupy?
GrandmaNakkie: Eww! Gawd that is DISCUSTING!
CleanPooOnAisle3: yeah i know....i was just wondering why you would hang out with a freak like him?
GrandmaNakkie: i dont know! I think I might have to reevaluate my friendship with the sick mofo.
GrandmaNakkie: We should go slash his Lebarons tires
CleanPooOnAisle3: I tried hanging out with him but he kept talking about driving around town for "hot links"......and he kept playing that song obsessive like...
CleanPooOnAisle3: YEAH!
GrandmaNakkie: Gah! he listens to the beach boys?.... he must be a butt-pirate then...
CleanPooOnAisle3: definatley!
GrandmaNakkie: - cringes -
CleanPooOnAisle3: oh wow...check this out.....i forgot to tell you....he once dropped a note from his pocket while paying for KY jelly....and lemme read it to you
GrandmaNakkie: ok..
GrandmaNakkie: - wonders if he had a coupon for KY cuz it's expensive -
CleanPooOnAisle3: ::::::::::::: all i know is that if i continue to Praktis witchcraft....someday I will get my opportune-ity to do charlse manson in the butt:::::::::::::::::::
GrandmaNakkie: - eyes grow wide -
CleanPooOnAisle3: oh gawd.....he is wierd!
GrandmaNakkie: OMG!
GrandmaNakkie: Noo!!!
GrandmaNakkie: Why is he doing things like that! He has gone so far down-hill since he caught his dad taking his clothes off in his room...
CleanPooOnAisle3: *turns note around*.....and in the back it says......::::::::::::: I plan to steal money from kerry as ive been doing to fund my trip to california. I want to look like Liberace someday. I need that plastic surgery now!:::::::::::
GrandmaNakkie: Why that rotten scum-bag!
GrandmaNakkie: OoooOOohh! I'm so mad! I don't know what I'm going to do..
CleanPooOnAisle3: we should expose him for what he is!
CleanPooOnAisle3: a sickie!
GrandmaNakkie: I think Im going to nail his balls to the mantle..
CleanPooOnAisle3: of course after we pour mr pibb on his weiner...
CleanPooOnAisle3: then we nail to the mantle.....
GrandmaNakkie: yes...
It was prolly more like this.

No one uses Yahoo Search except Kerrington.
What im wondering is did pee and crumpets go online with the agenda...."MUST SEARCH THROUGH YAHOO SEARCH ENGINES AND FIND HERPE DIAREAH PICTURES!!!!!"( before I brush my teeth )
Oh my....that is disturbing. Kinda makes licking herpes a discouraged thing.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Creepy Similarities!

Apparently, George Bush Sr. got some "sunburn'.And so did this.....

It looks to me like he's been doing some muff diving in the deep, infested waters of Mount Poo-c, which just so happens to be where K.D. Lang originates from. Coicidence? I think not.....


kd lang has been spotted in Africa, vandalizing sacred pyramids with her tacky fashion style. Donning a cowboy hat, shirt, wrangler jeans and some pleather chaps, experts say that they don't see the butch-vixen giving up anytime soon.

"I just looked outside of my hut, and there it was...all cow-boyish...and creepy." Says the young Abooduto Micgrendle with a look of shock slowly wearing away from his poor, defensless mind.

Dr. Bagina, of the Institute of Hormonal Wo-mans, in southern Ohio states: " We can only be so carefree, until we discover...that lurking in even the most sacred of places, have been soiled with Wo-mans. I can only assume the reason that k.d. lang has planted herself ontop of this pyramid -- is because it heard the mating call of the.. :D

:D is a beast of many things... for one, it likes to write screenplays involving a certain young Mr. Bradwick of Northern Michigan. And also, one of it's many one that is a cow-boy. While k.d. lang is certainly NOT a cow-boy... more like a cow-it, :D has become confused thinking that Lang is, indeed, a cow-boy. Thus k.d lang is perched upon the pyramid awaiting :D"

The Afghans are coming! Kerrington the Oracle has foretold it! *runs around screaming*
Holy crap.. that is a creepy dream CaNNed Wussy ;P I looked in my dreambook thing and it said:
To see street cars in your dreams, denotes that some person is actively interested in causing you malicious trouble and disquiet

And I looked up Ropes too and it said: Ropes in dreams, signify perplexities and complications in affairs, and uncertain love making

OK, so everything thing means that you are out shagging people that you don't know if you should be shagging...and that.. someone is trying to get you in trouble... muahaha. You are a deviant!! -slap-
Anyways... since I was going to post about a dream anyways.. I must go on...

Dear lord, a most creepy dream has been delivered to Kerringtons wee head this involved.... :D


Ok, in the dream I was getting ready to go to college in the morning, when I look out the window and :D and her mother, father and brother were all out on my front lawn, walking around it carrying handbags....


Ok so then :D starts comming up to my house, so I run and hide in my moms room, but she comes and knocks on the door anyways when she gets in. I say " Hi" to her and she just stands there and says " Where's the Pathan?"

"Wheres the painting?" I thought she asked "Where's the painting."
"No, where's the Pathan?"
"Painting? What!? I don't know what your talking about."

I never heared 'Pathan' before in my life.. I kept thinking she was saying painting...but she was saying Pathan.. So I looked it up in the dictionary to see if it was a word, and it is. It said: Pathan: An Afghan; especially one of Indo-Iranian stock and Moslem religion.

Ok what the feck... I've never heard the word " Pathan" in my life.. but whatever... But I didn't see any Afghans today in town or any afaghans... strange-ness.
You're a frickin' nutbag, Maria.

I hear voices sometimes, though. They tell me to buy KD Lang albums.

Oh wait, those aren't voices, that's just Carrie.

Dreams are Effed up meng!......I once had this dream that I was on the freeway going to class, and I seen this funny shaped car. Anywho, later I was in someones neighborhood and I seen that car hovering over the neighborhood. Then it kinda turned to the side and there was a bunch of black kids, with a Microphone. They were all giggling and saying prophanities into the mic and what not while holiding onto a rope so they wouldnt fall off their little hover craft.*shrugs....I dunno what that means....but I guess if I had my dreams interpreted, they would say that Im a nutbag.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Out of all the strange dreams I had last night, I had a creepy dream... In the dream I was sitting outside watching a white cat try and kill a mouse. It kept getting away from the cat but in the end it ended up killing it. That was creepy for some reason, so I looked it up in my super duper cool dream book and it said that:

If you dream of a white cat, denotes eentanglements which, while seemingly harmless, will prove a source of sorrow and loss of wealth.

Yes... Well I did quit my job, so there fore I am without money, and I am completly bored to death cuz I have nothing to do...

Then I looked up 'Mouse'

For a woman to dream of a mouse, denotes that she will have an enemy who will annoy her by artfulness and treachery

Well I don't know what the heck that means... no one has been annoying me with there artfullness... and I don't smell treachery in the air... oh well..
Sweet Jesus. She's on the move. My friend from Egypt sent me this front page story, it's mostly in Arabic, but you get the idea.

Even the Nile is not safe from :D!

Monday, August 05, 2002


Ok, so I was at the end of my driveway, cuz there was this big Cletus truck comming in the direction that I was going in. So I pretty much follow the dude all the way to the end of the road. Then he turns the same way I am going. Then after we are on that road for a bit, He turns into the gas station that I was going to to get gas. The guy prolly thought I was following him or something... But we share the same pump cuz everywhere else is full. So I get out of my car and start punching the buttons fer gas, when the guy comes over to my side, stands next to me, and says in this REALLY creepy-crackley-retarded-person-sounding-voice, " Excuse me, do you know what the difference is between the 89?" he says, pointing to the gas pump...You know, the 87-regular 89-mid grade and the 93-super premium...

WHAT THE HECK! He is obviously in his late 30's and doesn't fucking know what the differences between the 3 types of gas is?? JEEBUS!! So I was like creeped out...

"Um...89 is mid-grade, its like better than the 87, but not as great as the 93..."

"Oh.." Then he goes back to his truck...

So I hurry up and only put in 3 dollars worth cuz I don't want to be there any longer than I have too. I pay and run to my car and drive off into town as fast as my grandma nakkie car can go. SOO.. CREEPY! Here's a picture to get an idea of what this guy looks like:

Sad thing is, is that he knows where I live cuz he looked at me when he went by when I was at the end of my drive way. And I know where he lives too cuz he has a son that use to ride my bus when I was in High School. He is very creepy and very Cletus-Jed. I hope he wasn't trying to mack on me either. That would make me vomit up my Taco Bell. Great place to meet chicks... the gas station..mmm mmm MMmm!

I also saw something that wasn't creepy at all. It was kinda cool. There was a car in front of me on my way home, that had a Mullets Galore sticker on the back; the cool thing was that the people in the car were REALLY old. Hehhehe. Some old people are pretty nifty.

I took this quiz. Quizzes are fun. Yeis.

Which Alan Rickman Character Are You?

Sunday, August 04, 2002

:: how jedi are you? ::

Hehehehehehe! That IS me... yo betta watch yo self b4 yo reck yoself. :B

Anyways. I haven't had any pleasures of Creepiness latley. I think it went all for feeling sorry for Bradwick and his unpleasant creepiness situations that have been occurring to him. But my mom did say something kinda creepy to me. She was showing me how to knit (yes, yes I know. But I want to know how to knit :P ) and she was going on her merry way of showing me. Then she was like " YOU HAVE REALLY TINY HANDS!"

Ahhhhhh!! Then I left cuz that was creepy, and she continued babbling saying " Aww how cute! Little hands!" I'm already self-consious about them! Why can't I have long graceful girly hands! No!! I have to have little short FANGERS! (I meant to spell it that way). AND SMALL FECKING HANDS!

Donkey Balls!!

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Have you checked out the London Times this weekend? Scary shit over there.

Cancel your travel plans, folks.

Thank you, Kerrington. I do not know where I would be without your support.

Today, fortunately, was my last day of work. However, I was doled out a creepiness ration that will last me well into November.

The first creepy thing was that I was making a pizza, when all of a sudden, I saw :D dancing out of the corner of my eye. And I know this sounds weird. But she was dancing for me. She kept looking up trying to see if I was watching her dance. And then she just sorta quit and walked away.

It was a mating dance. I just pretended like I didn't see.

Later, Sarah Maclachlan - I Will Remember You was on the radio, and :D sorta looked at me and said, 'You might get serenaded tonight.' Like she was going to sing 'I Will Remember You' to me at the bar.

I was so creeped out. I was like, "What?" And she must have realized she was being to obvious, so she was like, "Nothing."

Thank God I'm done there.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

My most sincerest condolenses to you Bradwick...just a creepy thing that has happened to you. So tragic. *tear*

But on a lighter note... I had this weird surge of creepiness to draw this. Yes, indeed.
I . Am. Creepy.

I was at work today, talking to :D

Suddenly, she looked right at me, and said, "I'm going to give you a hug." Then she walked over and hugged me. I stood really still and was really creeped out. Then she apologized for being creepy and left.

Wow. :D is really hormonal. Maybe she's pregnant with Ryan's baby. Or James's. Or Nathan's.