Monday, September 30, 2002

Dee Face

There once was a little Dee Face.
That little Dee Face was creepy.
It liked to think of creepy things.
Creepy things like stalking.

Oh, how the Dee Face stalked.
Oh, how the Dee Face sniveled.
And oh, how the Dee Face carried on.

There once was a little Dee Face.
That little Dee Face was creepy.
It liked to look in windows.
Windows that belonged to MSU dorm rooms.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Seriously... -giggles A - LOT -

Tee Hee Hee

Yayyy I can't wait 'til November 15th... oh yes.. this will be good.

Monday, September 23, 2002


Hello retards! While sitting in Government class (in which I should have been taking notes), the Creepy Muse struck me near my anus and said that I should draw a creepy comic. So I did... Voila! Here it 'tis... it is called: On Easter. And if you can't read it (which you won't probably be able to do cuz your eyesight sucks), I kindly wrote out what each box says at the bottom of the piece.

1:: I lost my Cheesasaurus T shirt
2:: Must find...but I must go in disguise.
3:: I will become..Shaniquwa!
4:: 2 dolla
5:: I *heart* MSU, my beloved is there!
7:: I love Hawiian Shirts!
8:: You better not be being mean to my Bradley Poo!
9:: I ass rape him when he sleeps.
10:: Kraft Cheese is Delicious!
11:: Just like my Bradley is! -||- I am NOT delicious!
12:: Oh yes you'se is! -||- Nooooo!
13:: *sings* When I touch muh flappies, it feels like Easterrr!
14:: *sings* When I prod my Vag with a feels like I should be stalking...stalking Brad!
15:: *sings* I put Kraft Cheese on my Vag...that is dry...
16:: *sings* Oh my giant, 2 foot clit, felt like a doughnut...on Easter...
17:: *sings fast* CHA! CHA! CHA!!

Here is something else that I drew on the side of my Math Notes: It's :Dzilla taking Brad to the Empire State Building, saying, "Bah! Bah!."

And here is just something that I found at Wil Wheaton . net, in his message's frickin CUTE as hell.

That is all. -licks your 'giner-

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I have been reading the first book in the Lord of the Rings series... and I have noticed something. You know the "Black" riders... well, to me, it seems that Mr. J.R.R Tolkin was prolly racist or something because I read something follows:

Chapter 10 -Strider ; Revised Edition - 2nd Edition; Page # 181
"Well, we can only hope the Riders won't come back yet," said Frodo.
"I hope not, indeed," said Butterbur. " But spooks or no spooks, they won't get in The Pony so easy...."

SEE! Ok, for those of you that don't know, the term Spook is what some racists use to refer to black people as...they called them ' spooks,' 'coons,' and other things from back in the day. And in the book we know the Riders that chase around Frodo and whatnot as the "Black Riders" and the innkeeper just called them Spooks.

I just thought that was a bit odd. *rant rant*

I have another rant too. Now the author of the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling, I think, has either took some things from the LOTR's series and put them into her books making them different in her own way, cuz I remember reading somewhere that she read them... or she just subconsiously did it. But as for the Black Riders in the LOTR's, they are described as: Tall creatures with black hoods that drop over there face, and they don't really talk, just a hissy-whisper type whatnot, and they make you feel bad/horrible and creepy just by being around them.... sound familair...can we say Dementors from the HP books? -giggle-

Also there are words in the LOTR's books that pop up in the HP books like: Sickle, Longbottom...uh I forgot the rest but I know there were more the willow tree in the LOTR that traps people and kinda beats them up... hmmm the Whomping Willow in HP? bahaha im retarded. I'm at school with 2 hours to spare so what else am I to do... Plus there is Gandalf which just makes me think of Dumbledore. Butterbur...Butterbeer...all the little songs written out in the LOTR books, with the HP books with there little jingles as well... nar nar... I am lame.
TuPac is also in the LOTR's what does that say... BIGGIE SMALLS IN THE HP BOOKS!? NO WAY! I just don't see how J.K. Rowling can get away with putting in The Notorius B.I.G in her Harry Potter series..I mean.. it's soooo plagarism. What a skank.

Monday, September 16, 2002

What Secksee Bitches ; Gimme a Dark Lord, BEEAATCH!

Wow. All I gotta say... is that evil, kniving bastards is what does it for me. - fans foce-aye-

And M - U Brad! I can be creepy if I want! At least I'm not obsessed with some whore that won American Teen Idol who can't decided whether or not to be a blond or a brunette! :Þ Eat muh ass! :þ

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Hee Hee, I decided to take some quizes.. yayy..

i am not indie at all!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

Who are you trying to fool? Just because you own a couple of Weezer albums
doesn't mean that you're uberindie. Indie people don't hear about cutting edge
new bands from MTV. At least the ignorant don't know what they're missing...

How's your life?

brought to you by Quizilla

How Much of a Loner Are You?

Take the quiz at [clinically insane]

You aren't the most popular person in the world, but you aren't exactly alone everyday. You've got a good, close circle of friends who are all probably llamas too. You're the type that really just doesn't give a shit about where you stand on the popularity scale, and you're better for it. Some of those "popular" dudes probably mistake your carelessness for jealousy, and therefore label you something you aren't. Feh, to hell with them, I say.


Oh my God...I was looking through the student directory for a friend's phone number...and :D is enrolled!

She's coming after me!!

Friday, September 13, 2002

It seems that :D has decided to try out for the MSU baseball team, disguising herself has a dude, and apparently, has gotten the job...

Watch out Brad! Don't go to any baseball games! She might throw the ball at you and knock you out... then she will have her way with your unconsious body in the dug-out.

I did a pretty good job on this tho, hehe I am proud of myself... I got the idea from HERE.

Tee hee hee hee! Tee hee! Teeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I wonder who is the sorriest T.V. Station..." the babies of 9/11" what's next... " the dog feces of 9/11" "the stick of 9/11" seriously... everyone has taken this into OVER KILL! Yes, today will be remembered, it's sad, but JEEBUS! Is it like national Manic Depressive Day or something? I went to like every search engine I could and they all have something like " NEVER FORGET" or like a flag and a a dumb candle on there site. Nar! Gawd I am sooo moving to Greenland where nothing ever frickin happens, and where I don't have to be surrounded by the patriotic trend. M- U stupid little sticker flag ! I am however going to be watching Mr. Bush (He's a little ninny) talk about whatever he needs to talk to the "American People." He is so going to get this country blown up. Stupid Republican! -stab-

"I'm Geeeoorge Dubbleyew Bush, and I don't do anything except pretend that I am doing something while instead I play golf and give out hand-jobs to everyone in the House."

Here is a Haiku:

cocksucking President

George Bush is a turd.
He smells like feces and piss.
He plays with his dong.

Anyways... here are some more Haikus I wrote last night. I am a genious.

Matt Shannon
Matt is really buff.
He likes ninjas and big guns.
He scares me sometimes.
Melissa is U-ground
Melissa is gay.
Her shirt is yellow and very gay.
She has allergies
My Asian Statue
I have a Statue.
It was made by Chinese kids.
They did a good job.
The Wet Day
Twister turned her on.
The crotch of her pants were wet.
wet, wet, wetty, wet.
The Great B-hole
My B-hole is dirty.
I like to wash it with soap.
It is very clean now.
Possesed Evil Black Cat
Jamaal is my cat.,
he is black and very evil.
Testicles are small.
Kim Basinger is a skank.
Kim Basinger farts.
they are loud and very smelly.
I saw half her boob.
You flick your bean well.
It makes strange noises when you do.
It's nubby and pink.
Pune Tang and Anus Pie
Pie of the Anus.
It is delisious to me.
Pune Tang is good too.
Camel Toenesis
Cloth between flappies.
it makes me yell out in pain.
Camel toe is very gross.
Melissas Finest hour
talking of floppy tits.
floppy boobs are from the tribe.
boobies are floppy.


Melissa wrote one about me too! But as you can see, she isnt very good at haikus so...this one sucks.
Carrie is a big Dyke
Carrie likes old men.
She wants to do Kelly Clarkston.
She's a gay sexer. -by melissa.

Thee Enddd!

Monday, September 09, 2002

Sunday, September 08, 2002

A Story, by Kerrington Tea Time.

A Boys’ Cry

Brad sat in his dorm room talking on-line to friends after a long day of college and studying. His roommate, Aaron, sat playing a video game with the volume turned all the way up.

// I am going to strangle the fat bastard in about 3 seconds. // Brad thought to himself…resisting the urge to tear all the hair out from his skull.
He continued, however, to endure the torture of his roommate, who was stupidly, squabbling with the game control, and shrieking at the T.V.

“ I AM LORD AARON! I SHALL VANGQUISH YEW! “ Aaron shouted, and at the same moment, scratched his package.

Brad sat; stone still… he was going to break. At that point, something strange…something all together frighteningly subliminal flashed through his mind. It made him yell out. He saw this:

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” He yelled! That brief moment of lunacy almost made him jump out the window…thank God Aaron was there.

“Dude, what is up with yew. Here, maybe if I read you some theories about “Wheel of Time,” it might calm you down and make you feel a bit better.”

Brad just glared at Aaron with colossal globe-like eyes. Then it happened again

and again!

and AGAIN!

// I am going mad! I must get out!// With that Brad dashed out of his dorm room and made his way down the stairs, not caring if he deliberately ran into people on his way out… he had to get out.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHh” He yelled again when he got outside of the dorm building. There, he collapsed on the ground, while a crowd of passing by students and other personal teemed around him, wondering about his health, and state of mind; if he had any left.

“Are you ok, son?” asked a man, looming over the twitching body that was Brad.

“earrreehh…terrrrr…uyyyeerrrhhd…” Brad just made dull, dim witted noised… then

// jump-roping baby dolls!…..// He thought…

“I saw a baby doll jump my was having so much fun…” Brad said, not caring if people thought him insane.

Then Brad looked up into the sky, after the crowd of people deemed that he was indeed, retarded, and left the area…and he saw a bright light… dear lord it was beautiful…until..

Oh, how he screamed…and screamed. And screamed. Then he was no – more. God took mercy upon him and sent a lightning bolt down, which killed Brad instantly.

God :: My dear boy, I am terribly sorry…
Brad :: Oh thank you God, how I love thee.
God :: -pauses and thinks- Well, you ARE a Catholic, that will not go un-punished...
Brad :: WHAT!!??
God :: So instead of sending you to hell, since you have been through it pretty much by being stalked by the great :D , I will grant you access to Heaven. But…
Brad :: But what….?
God :: Instead of being lavished by my heavenly Ho’s that look like Kelly Clarkston and Julia Styles, you will be lavished by Nathans' and Renees'.

Brad thought for a moment…
Brad :: Well, you must do what you must do, and as long as it isn’t :D, I am very lucky boy indeed.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

I have NO idea what the heck I was thinking... I was talking on the phone at the time.

It's punk :D And she likes to touch hurr weenuher!

Friday, September 06, 2002

Wow. :D is really creepy. I haven't talked to her all night, and then she messages me - out of nowhere - with:

:D: Goodnight
Thyarr: G'night...
:D: s
:D signed off at 12:03:04 AM.

Why did you tell me you were leaving when we weren't even talking! I DO NOT CARE, :D

And as soon as I find time (probably Saturday while everyone is at the football game except loser me) I'll post the five hottest women ever.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

I am bored so I decided to rate the top 5 hottest guys of all time... - drum roll -

1. Vincent Perez
2. Alan Rickman
3. Billy Idol
4. Patrick Stewart
5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

And I also decided to put up 3 of the hottest women... and they are... - bagpipes here -

1. Shirley Manson
2. Milla Jovovich
2. Me, Kerrington

There you have it. Me and them other two wenches are the only three hot chicks on this planet. Yay for us!

I want you to go and touch a pig.
I knew you'd see the light eventually, Kerrington.

Yes I do... I lost my bet... so therefore I must shout out my undying love for Kelly Clarkston.

If Kelly Clarkston was in the same room with me, I would turn and jump her in 3 seconds, then I would ask her to have sex with me. Then when she says yes,(and I know she will because I am frickin hot) we will make hot lesbian love in a lighthouse so that it will be all romantic-like. After I play her some K.D.LANG, she will then proceed to give me a female hand-job. After that, she will beg me to take her with a strap-on. When I give into her whims, and after I am exhausted from all the hot dyke lovemaking, I will take her to G's where we will eat their orgasmic bread sticks until we cannot eat anymore... then, she will sing to me in her angel like voice until I need to ravish her again. I will proceed to spank her ghetto booty until she has huge welts on it. Then we will ride bikes by Amish houses and go cow tipping.
When the day comes to an end, I will cook her some hot dogs out on the grill, and we will drink good beer and stay outside and roast marshmellows out on the fire. To complete the already wonderful evening, I will make Kelly ride me like a French Bull-dog, then when I am complete I will leave her begging for more, but will not give in.
The next day I will kick her out of my house and call her a Slut. Then I will go and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants and make a Star Trek costume while I listen to the Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone soundtrack which I still do not own yet.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I know you guys might be confused by this :D thing. Let's take a short look at a conversation with :D, and dissect it to find out what it really means.

:D: have you found a hot babe yet?
Thyarr: not quite!
:D: why not! studyign to hard?
Thyarr: Not really!
:D: oh, how is good to say hi this weeeknd?
Thyarr: Everything is good. I was busy, I had family up.
:D: I was just giving ya a hard time, how was your pizza?

Simple enough, right? Let's break it down.

:D: have you found a hot babe yet?
- Is there anyone I need to find and kill?
Thyarr: not quite!
- Yes, there are hot babes everywhere, but I wouldn't tell you that.
:D: why not! studyign to hard?
- You better be studying and not looking for girls.
Thyarr: Not really!
- I am looking for girls! So fucking EAT IT! Stalker.
:D: oh, how is good to say hi this weeeknd?
Thyarr: Everything is good. I was busy, I had family up.
- You aren't important enough to go see you creepy bitch.
:D: I was just giving ya a hard time, how was your pizza?
- Did you approve of me? Becuase if you didn't approve I'd kill myself.
Thyarr: Good!
- Leave me alone.

There. Now this just happened and I'm tired so I'm not gonna translate it, but it's so weird it speaks for itself.

:D: hey hae you ever seen a bumper sticker that says: "silly faggot dicks are for chicks."
Thyarr: Uhm...nope.
:D: it is just kinda funny jen seen it and told us al labou tit
Thyarr: ahh..
:D: I have a joke but it is one I would have to tell in person
Thyarr: Heh.


In other news, Kelly won.

Kerrington, do you have something to tell us? :D

:D tried out for the part of Legolias in "Lord of the Rings", but as you can see, she didn't fit quite well in those tight little elf pants.

I just thought that this picture looked cool. It's from the new Harry Potter movie comming out in November...yayyyy.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I was just sitting here on my computer, when all of a sudden, :D came online and started talking to me on AIM, here is the conversation re-inacted:

LeesuhZayo: Hello There!!!
Kerrington22: hi.
LeesuhZayo: What is happening?
Kerrington22: nothing.
LeesuhZayo: Soo... have you talked to Brad latley? (bradbradbradbradbrad...)
Kerrington22: no, he is at college. when people go there they usually study and try to do good, unlike some people who sit in their dorm and harass relatives or love interests on-line.
LeesuhZayo: So you haven't talked to him?
Kerrington22: no.
LeesuhZayo: So when do you work?
Kerrington22: I dont work, remember? I quit...
LeesuhZayo: Oh yah, sorry I forgot, my life revolves around Big Bobs.
Kerrington22: Gee, I haven't noticed.
LeesuhZayo: How is Brad doing?
Kerrington22: I dont know, ask him.
LeesuhZayo: Oh, well I dont know, you always talk to him...(dieyousluttybitchcarriedie)
Kerrington22: Well yay for me.
LeesuhZayo: How is Brad doing in school?
LeesuhZayo: What is he doing?
Kerrington22: I. DON'T. KNOW.!
LeesuhZayo: How's school?
Kerrington22: good.
LeesuhZayo: How good is good?
Kerrington22: it is very good.
LeesuhZayo: Ah.
LeesuhZayo: What is happening?
Kerrington22: I am disecting unborn fetus' on my lap, and eating the unformed brains.
LeesuhZayo: Eww sick! Wanna see a picture of a naked cowboy? omg he is soo fine.
Kerrington22: No thanks, I dont like cowboys, Id rather see a naked k.d.lang.
LeesuhZayo: Ohh yourr gayy!!
Kerrington22: Ohh your a fat coowww!
Kerrington22: Just because I don't want to look at your stupid picture of naked cowboys and look at picture of Kenny fucking Cessnick or how ever you spell his stupid hick need to perish. In like 12 seconds would be kinda nice.
LeesuhZayo: Well I got to go.... TTFN!
This isnt really authentic, i was just bored waiting for star trek to come on, so i made this up. yay. but its what its usually like anyways...
It beats being a Trekkie you dirty dirty whore!


At least Kelly still loves me.

Yes, I think that it is time that everyone knows Bradwicks most hauntingly well kept secrect....

It's true... it's true...It's all very true. To know that this is a genuine fact, I shall write a Haiku about Bradwick's addiction..


Brad is very bad.
American Teen Idol sucks.
He likes to watch it.

Monday, September 02, 2002 Gawd... I totally forgot about that AWSOME T.V show that you could watch on T.G.I.F on Saturdays back in the good 'ol early 90's, Step by Step.
That show was soo cool, not to mention PATRICK FUCKING DUFFY::

Oh them were thee days...thank you, lord, that they are gone. That show was horrible, and Patrick Duffy is the frickin Creepy Lord of the creepy dance.


:D was spotted in a pasture, pretending she was a shepard...and she was hearding the Bradwick Sheep: