Wednesday, October 30, 2002


In an effort to make the world safe for her beloved Brad, :D has taken the iniative in the war against Iraq.

"If Bush won't get his pussy ass in there to take out those towel-heads, I'll do it for him!" :D was quoted saying, as she hijakced the SS Destroyer from a harbor in Virginia.

:D's current whereabouts are unknown; this satellite photograph is the only evidence we have.

Stay tuned for up to the minute coverage of :D's War on Iraq.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

A Poem, by Kerrington Tea Time.

Oh Susan, the Cat.

Oh Susan the Cat, you were once mighty and strong.
Now Susan, you are old and decrepit.

You like to sneeze on me when I am sitting.
You like to drip cat snot on me also.

Oh Susan, the Cat
You need to die…soon, so that I may have you stuffed.
I am tired of cleaning up after your Induced Kitty Bulimic Tantrums.

Cease to continue living, old friend. Die and go to Feline Heaven.
Where you will be with your sister Alice the Cat.

Stop puking in the kitty box. That is for your feces, not your bulimic ways.
Your coat once was shiny and thick, now you are skanky and belong in a trailor park.
You are old.
You have bone cancer.
Die you old cat.

Leesuh: no sweetest day plans?
- I've been thinking about you, sweet...
Bradwick: Uh...I don't know when that is
- Why has God forsaken me?
Leesuh: todya
- I'm so excited that I misspelled the word.
Leesuh: today
- Today is sweetest I pine for my sweet, sweet Brad.
Bradwick: Oh.
- You...
Bradwick: Huh.
- Are...
Bradwick: No :-)
Leesuh: no sweety? or just forgot?
- Is there any girl I have to kill?
Bradwick: Forgot! I'm gonna go eat, talk to you later!
- I'm not going to justify your answer by saying 'No,' 'cause then you'll just think 'YES HE CAN STILL BE MINE!' RUN AWAY!
Leesuh: take care
- Oh Brad, don't leave, my soul pines...

Friday, October 18, 2002

Brad sent me a picture that he had taken of himself and his two best friends! Tori Amos and Wil Wheaton!

Hey Brad! I like your rainbow striped shirt! Did you get that at GAP Gay? Bwahahha ;þ

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

AIM conversations with Amy

amy ta80: you'd rape spock in the ass?

Kerrington22: prolly

amy ta80: jeez

Kerrington22: its my new thing. Im all about the words ass sex , butt sex...ETC

Kerrington22: i find it humorus. hehe.

Kerrington22: anal penetration

amy ta80: you're all about butt

Kerrington22: im all about it except for having it done to me. bahahha.

amy ta80:'d have it done to know you would

Kerrington22: no!!

amy ta80: haha

Kerrington22: Id ass rape some jewish guy.

amy ta80: if by no you mean yes..then...

Kerrington22: yes, but the guy would be the reciever lol

amy ta80: receiver...lmao...sean....

Kerrington22: {holds arms and chuckles/giggle like Sean}

Kerrington22: I miss that fag.

amy ta80: lmao!

amy ta80: i know... i do too

Kerrington22: He needs to get his gay ass up here so i can tell him he's gay.

amy ta80: you're so mean

Kerrington22: did you know he boofed a chick?

amy ta80: yah...i heard

amy ta80: all about it!

Kerrington22: its not mean! I love him! he's my beeatch!

amy ta80: i know

amy ta80: what about when we tell him he's not really gay

Kerrington22: I declare him A-sexual tho. he cant make up his mind.

amy ta80: he get's so pissed


Kerrington22: ohhh myy god that was frickin HILARIOUS

amy ta80: oh yah...lmao

Kerrington22: when they were fighting loll... wooo...

amy ta80: they had such a huge fight

amy ta80: it was so funny

amy ta80: and she was in her prom dress at school...

amy ta80: lol

Kerrington22: then we made the " Hale sux" shirt and wore it to the homecomming parade lol. all these old ladies were looking at her like she was crack whore.

amy ta80: lol

Kerrington22: OHH THE MEMMORIES! {sniff}

amy ta80: i know...

amy ta80: those were good times...

Kerrington22: haha it sounds like we were in Nom or something. Today is not a good spelling day.

Kerrington22: I think im going to post this convo.. it is enlightening and creepy at the same time.

amy ta80: i just told russ that story...he's laughing so hard

Kerrington22: haha what story?

Kerrington22: the bread stick?

amy ta80: about the hale sux shirts

amy ta80: he says that's bad ass

Kerrington22: oh. lol I think i still have that picture somewhere Ill have to look for it and scan it.

amy ta80: ooh, i definitely wanna see it

Kerrington22: ask russ if he will let me penetrate his anus with a strap on so i can have ass sex with him.

Kerrington22: lol

amy ta80: russ, "that's a tough one.."

Kerrington22: lol Tee hee.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

A Motion Picture by: Kerrington

Screen play by: Kerrington Tea Time

Director: Kerrington Foo Foo

And now… The Feature Presentation…

Adventures of Space Herpe in…

Scene: Somewhere out in the midst of the Galaxy, we slowly zoom around a bluish planet and slowly zoom towards an orange-pink dot. As we get closer, we see that it is the Space Herpe. The Space Herpe seems to be pondering something.

SpaceHerpe: Yeiiis… YEEEIISS THIS WILL BE GLORIOUS! I am going to infect the world with my Herpe-ness. Those earthlings don’t know their ass from the ground…. but they will when they discovered that I have given them…WARTS AND SORES! MUHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!

Space Herpe is then shown flying on a direct course to Earth. S.H is giggling manically as he penetrates the atmosphere, where he then activates his outer Herpe protective coat so he will not burn up as he falls to Earth.

We are given a glimpse of a vast meadow in which there are upon millions of white and yellow daisies growing merrily along. There is a shallow brook where the stones are all light brown, orange and yellow. Along the brook we see a fawn and it’s mother deer drinking. There is a light breeze and the wind smells of honeysuckle. As we Pan to the right and move up a little upon a hill, we see two male fornicators having wild and passionate butt sex. The man on the bottom is small and blond of hair. He has delicate features and a tattoo of dolphins going around his bellybutton. His face is strained from the immense anal pounding he is receiving at this moment. And his name is TheSingerFromTheCalling.
The man on top, giving the blond man his harsh punishment to his anus is also small, yet manlier. He has dark brown, almost black hair, and it’s cut in a most manly way. He is still wearing his pantsuit, though his pants are down around his ankles, and has a firm grip on TheSingerFromTheCallings hips. His manly thrusts are in sync with a birds wings that are flapping. His facial structure indicates that this is really a Wo-man, and it is indeed K.D.Lang.

Space Herpe slowly makes his way towards the couple that is having homosessual lovin on the hill. He can barley keep his excitement contained. He so badly wants to contaminate the anuses, and strap-on of these two people. In one giant leap, he makes himself known…


With that, Space Herpe pounces and buries himself into TheSingerFromTheCallings rectum, which then transfers to the Wo-man, K.D. Langs strap on…then onto her Dirtay-Dry-Vag.

When the transfer is complete, and both Man and Wo-Man have herpes, our Hero, the Space Herpe then returns to his home in the galaxy…to the planet Herpehomosassa.

End Credits….

{Cast} In order of appearance--
SpaceHerpe ………………… John Malkovich
Fawn………………………... Whoopi Goldburg
Deer………………………… Nancy Kerrigan
SingerFromTheCalling…….. Lorenzo Jennings
K.D.Lang…………………... Brad Wilson

(Image by KerringtonTeaTime)

Friday, October 11, 2002

So the truth finally comes...out.

I was goofin around online, trying to find a picture of k.d. lang on google images to feck around with....but as you can see... I have found something. So there I was. Sitting at my computer desk...drinking my Earl Grey tea (which is kinda nasty;but the store didn't have pepermint), looking on google for an image that I can badly manipulate since I only have crappy PaintShopPro7. (woo-hoo)

I wait while the images load... I fiddle with something else...then....then THIS HAPPENS!

What on God's green earth has happened!? Am I in another dimension? - No... no, I am not. The only reasonable explaination is that yes, Brad has indeed been colaborating with k.d lang herself and has been trying to hide the truth for years! This is the origional jacket cover for the "Drag" Album from k.d lang. And Brad sang on it tooo!! He did a duet with her!! CAN'T YOU PEOPLE SEE HOW WRONG THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

This is all too much....just too much.

All I am going to say is that, no, I am not going to admit that I am powerless because I am too busy being creeped out.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Lima Beans are secksee when you stick them to your nipples
I will ease your way into the creepiness by first giving you this picture I made of Mr. Spock being all Halloweeny! It's lame I know but I thought it was kinda funnie in that " wow your a stupid loser who can't make funnie pictures" sort of way!

Ready for some creepiness? I am going to carve a pumpkin this year and this is what its going to look like


I left school early today. It's sooo FRICKIN COLD out... its like 60! This blows. Now my fangers are going to be cold all the fecking time. Nothing creepy happened to me usual. I don't know why this is. Nothing creepy ever happens to me.
I think Im going to go and play on the Star Trek site. yay im a lewser.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

AIM Harassment of the Day!

Kerrington22: I am Desirable.

Kerrington22: tell me.

poorunluckysoul: WHAT?

Kerrington22: My phantom weenie is silky smooth.

Kerrington22: and you want to touch my strap on.

Kerrington22: I know you think im hot.

poorunluckysoul: WHO R U?

Kerrington22: I am your goddess.

Kerrington22: I am your moms panties.

Kerrington22: I am... me.

Kerrington22: - dances around you and gives you a lap dance -

poorunluckysoul: Who is this?

Kerrington22: me so horny.

Kerrington22: I am Kerrington Tea Time!

Kerrington22: That's who! I am your soul mate...and you want to smear cheese on my foo foo

Kerrington22: - puts on a poorunluckysoul is a hot secksee stud cock t shirt -

Kerrington22: I need guidence. talk to me hoonary

Kerrington22: OH GOD! YES!


poorunluckysoul: WHO the FUCK r u?

poorunluckysoul: im gonna fuckin snap in aboput 2 sec


Kerrington22: YOUR STUPID!

poorunluckysoul: i bet

Kerrington22: YOU EAT FECES!
poorunluckysoul: and...

poorunluckysoul: so...

Kerrington22: I did your mom

Kerrington22: she has oily teets.

poorunluckysoul: ok...

poorunluckysoul: ok

poorunluckysoul: so y r u talking to me?

Kerrington22: - rubs her face in the oily teets -

Kerrington22: because I want to give you a dirty sanchez

poorunluckysoul: Y R U TALKING TO ME THEN


poorunluckysoul: no i didnt

Kerrington22: Dont you see! we were meant to be together!

poorunluckysoul: WTF?

Kerrington22: You and I. I and You. making sweet sweet love inside of a dead deer carcass.

Kerrington22: how romantic!

poorunluckysoul: DEAD DEER CARCASS?

Kerrington22: yes. I am into having sex with dead animals

Kerrington22: I enjoy a limp deer cock every now and then

Kerrington22: it makes me moisssiiissssssiissst!

Kerrington22: - sings a little song about deer cocks -

Kerrington22: shelly put me up to it

poorunluckysoul: dude..who r u 4 real?

Kerrington22: she made me.

poorunluckysoul: who is this?

Kerrington22: one of her friends from up north

Kerrington22: ok I am done with harassing yew. My apologises

Kerrington22: - bows and flies away -
Creepy Carnival Wagggonnn!
I sit on my wagon, that creeps along.
It creeps along and I play carnival music as it does.
When I play my carnival tune, my spirit rises up and says,
"Hayyyyy hayy hay! Kerrington is a creepy slut!."
My wagon is magical, it can go on for so long.
It can go over every bump and dead bloated animal.
I sing into the air as my fingers grace the keyboard of the organ that I am playing.
Sweet, sweet carnival music. Touch my hard weenie!

Friday, October 04, 2002

My writting has been rejected! I know I wrote a 4-page story in like 25 minutes, but still.. it was good. They just don't understand! I am funnie! The story was funnie! Why!!!!!???? I hate that! People get so stuck up! PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ICKS! SUCK MY PHANTOM COCK!

I hate you internet! You are a bastard! When I take over rule of this planet, I am going to abolish the internet and make everyone eat my shitzen!

Anyways, in other news... The Dee Face has been spotted in a field with some ponies...
Now, I know what this may seem... that the Dee Face has finally gave up the search for it's beloved...but do not be fooled kids...she is merely trying to get some insight from the ponies in hopes to learn how to run fast so when the time strikes, she will run like a bolt of lightning and catch Brad. And all I got to say is that I sure do hope she isn't wearing that ... uh.. bikini when she does, for she will surely suck him up into her folds.


One last thing... Mr. Spock is cool ----------------

He is very cool
Cooler then your mom naked
Cooler then a naked chick wearing nipple tassles
If anal sex with a bee was possible... it would be cool

ooookaaayyy that is my fill of creepy for today.