Friday, November 29, 2002

-sing to the theme of the beverly hillbillies-

There once was a sun, who's name was FaceDee
She liked to stalk the mooOoOooOonnn very gleefullyyyy...
Then one day, as she was commin over the hilllssss....
The moon was gone, he had passed out on sleeping pillllzzz....

Rite Aide Brand...that is.

Picture Book..... 10 dollars...

12x20 Ebony Frame.... 120 dollars...

Autographed Picture of Fred Durst....50 cents...

The Mona-Her.....priceless...

Thursday, November 28, 2002

My mom sent me this in an e-mail... it's cute but it's one of those creepy things that your mom would e-mail to you because all mothers like to send their children creepy things in e-mail.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002


FINALLY!! Finally something reallly creepy happened to me yesterday. I forgot all about it until I was writting something on Woolgatty...then I remembered. So here it goes.

Yesterday, I was at college. I decided to sit in this little room where they have a few tables and a snack machine and a balcony on the outside where you can go and smoke your cancer sticks. So, as I was sitting there...this girl from my sculpture class comes in. My most immediate thought was " Oh my god...shes going to say hi to me...then say something about my mosaic-sculpture and then say some creepy compliment to me."

and Lo... she did. Here is pretty much what was said:

Girl: Hiiiiiiiiii
Me: Hey.

-3 second silence-

Girl: So, I saw your tiles turned out! Are you pissed because some of them cracked?
Me: no, it happens all the time.
Girl: Awwwwwwww!!
Me: (oh my god go away)

Now.. I SWARE TO GOD these are her next EXACT words... I am NOT kidding...sooo creepy...

Girl: Your the reason why I come to sculpture class! because I wanna make cool sculptures just like you! *creepy-almost loving smile at Carrie* You make such neat stuff! I want to make tiles just like you!!
Me: (shoot me.... oh my god....let me dieeee...) Oh, hahahaha...thanks.

Then the girl proceeds to go out onto the balcony and smoke. As soon as she is out the door I bolt for the saftey of the classroom....

Pity me... pleeaasseee...

And that's not all... I know I posted something else about her... like I think it was the 2nd day of sculpture class when we were in the library and she sat next to me and was all like " You have such pretty hair and you have that pretty little face and you look just like my cousin Erica" OUT OF FRICKIN NO WHERE! I think I posted that around Aug or early Sept. sooo creepy. She is my stalker... I have one tooo!! yayyy!!

So...isn't that creepy? Gah.

Oh, and you wanna know what else is pretty creepy? Is Leonard Nimoy singing " The Ledgend of Bilbo Baggins" .... I have NO words to say,

Sunday, November 24, 2002

This picture was taken out in a dorm hallway...He has gone soooo downhill. It always happens to the bright young ones that want to lead healthy lives in hopes to be a good college student...but it's always Beer that is their you can see.

Friday, November 22, 2002

I feel extra star-trekkie-creepy today, so I thought I would apply this to today's creepy post of the DeeFace...

The character of Sarek, Spocks father, was indeed NOT played by Mark Lenard, but :D

Not many people notcied, but DeForest Kelly wasn't able to play his role of Dr. McCoy for one show because he was sick, but they had :D cover for him. When they aired it, many people died instantly while looking at their TV's, so to make sure this never happened again, they just cut out a picture of Mr. Kelly's face and taped it over the film. But I was able to find the origional and share it with all of you!

This was taken by the undercover :DArmy that is keeping tabs on :D. As you can see, she is trying to get revenge on WilWheaton because she knows Brad hates him so she is trying to "get" him....

And this is just a picture that I found that was quite easy on the eyes... if you know what I mean...*hur hur hur*

what a secksee bitch

Ohhh.... and in exactly one month from today I will be 20!! yayyyy!! I'm old. bahaha.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Hehe... I found this cool site...COOL SITE.... It's kinda scary how accurate this is but I think its just a stroke of luck bwahaha...but I thought I would share it with ya'll


From the Greek root meaning "Licker of Toads"
Kerrington does terrible things to small animals with staplers.

Kerrington has a thing for gay men.
(wow...thats creepily true)

Kerrington likes sheep a great deal.
(I prefer goats actully....:P )

Kerrington is prone to obsession.
(Hmmm...that sounds about right, hehe)

Kerrington runs from commitment.
(more like it runs from me. hahahah)

Kerrington brushes their teeth with chedder cheese.

Kerrington has delusions of grandeur
( what are you talking about? I am GRAND!)

Kerrington gets aroused by their reflection.
(shhhhh....:B )

haha that was funnie. Joy.

I wrote a song about HER today... so I thought I would go ahead and post it. I wrote it in Government class. TEE!:D

But, for those of you who do not have any clue what "HER" is.... I shall explain.

Her, was a girl...or rather should I say, a woman who came to my high school when i was in the 11th grade. Her's real name was Marsha. But we did not know that, so we called her Her. What made Her so special was the fact that Her was 25 years old and in the 10th grade. Her could not help this because she was in special Ed...and had the mind compacity of a 11 year old. That's what we were told anyways. We heared many stories of why Her was 25 and in the 10th grade. One story was that she has been in prison for a long time because she set fire to her house and killed her parents. I believe this to be a false statement but was quite amusing at the time. I don't know anything else about Her's past except these few simple quotes from Her's own mouth:

"I was raped... it took me a WHOLE year to get over it!"
"I had smacks this morning for breakfast...."
"I'm going to be a model."
"Im going to be a photographer"
"When I got my hair cut, the lady said I look like Meg Ryan"
"When i grow up Im going to be Meg Ryan" (this comming from a 25 year old, you would think she was grown up...apparently not to the untrained eye...)

Her was fun to make fun of...but it was good because she had NO idea that we would think she was creepy. She was creepy in many ways, like one time me, my friend Amy and Brad were waiting in the lunch line in 2001 (Her was 26 by this time) and Her came right up behind Amy to wait...but she got right up behind Amy...she was pretty much spooning Amy...and Amy freaked out. it was funnie.

Her decided that she liked me and my group of friends. So every lunch period, she would come to the bench that we sat on til the next class and stand by us...or infront of us. We didn't invite it was very creepy. To make matters worse, she decided that we were her good friends, and this happened because my friends Jesska and Amy would egg her on asking her stupid questions (but they were funnie) like this:

"So really DO look like Meg Ryan." and her would go on and on about how Meg Ryan was cool. The next week she said she looked like julia roberts....
"Sing for us Marsha" and she would.
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Which that last question reminds me of something she said on the School Bus... because me and Jesska had to ride on this bus and Her was on it too. Her said that she had a fiancee' who was from France....and that she had two kids. And that after she graduates, she is moving to France....Then she got off at Humming Bird Haven, the adult foster care she lived at.
Yes, we felt bad for her....she was kinda like our child....but a child we would laugh at because she was so FUCKING RANDOM!

Lastly, I will explain Her's physical apperance:

About 5'4 prolly 190 pounds... skinny on the top, wide on the bottom....short short brown hair that was never brushed well, huge grandmother glasses that enhanced her eyes to 5 times the size they actually are...always wore some form of striped shirt and brown stretchy sturrup pants....and a fanny pack....and we cannot forget the PomPom socks.
Her greatly resembled some kind of bird... her nose was very bird-like...and with the huge eyes her glasses made, she would resemble a strangled baby eagle.

What every one must know is: "THE HER STANCE" The Her Stance is a strategy that Her used to let everyone know that she was going to stay put in one particular spot for a small or long amount of time.... I will now describe how the Her Stance is activated...

1. Her finds a spot...mostly close to someone to make them feel uncomfortable
2. Her then swings her book bag over her shoulder and hooks her thumbs on the straps to make sure it stays in place
3. Her releases her tendons in her knees....
4. When the tendons release...her knees pop backward to give it that Alien effect that make's it look like Her's legs were put on backwards.
5. Her then fiinishes it off with a blank stare and a short-burst of laughter that sounds like this " AH HA !HA! HA!

Thus, we have The Her Stance.

Her finally graduated this year, 2002 at the spitting young age of 27. I hope Her finds all that she is looking for.

So now that everything is explained... I will post my Ballad that I wrote for Her:

The Ballad of Her

There is a girl I use to know.
She was a Her.
Her liked to play with the white, clean snow.
Her was a girl we all use to know.

If there was one thing that Hers always 'cravin,
It's to be sitting saftly at home, in Her's Humming Bird Haven.

Oh Her, Her, Her
Where has Her been?
What has Her seen?
What has Her done?

Her has been to Chicago, looking at the naked statues,
Her has seen Her reflection in the mirror, then saying Thank You.
Her has done many retarded things, like humping Amy in the lunch line and fillling Her's pants with doodoo.

There was this Her, I use to she is but a memory, like Her's last menstral flow.

The End!



Monday, November 18, 2002 comment...
I haven't been creeped out latley...but I was today when I read this from Brads blog:

"I'm really far behind on my novel. But that's okay because my enormous genitalia makes up for it. "

....Serioulsy I am scarred for life. I don't know why but those two sentences are very frightening. They kinda made me think of this guy that was in my grade, his name was John Carter. And it made me think of how we use to call him Small Package. And then it made me remember how he use to make everyone feel uncomfortable or violated because he would get into your bubble (personal space) and like hug you, or pat you on the back and then like rub your bra strap if you were a girl. Just plain creepy. To make it worse he wasn't hot... he is little...petite...and like he looks like an elf with a severe case of the creepiness.

Anyways, I don't know what that was relivant too...haha .... BRAINSSS!!!! I NEED YOUR BRAIINNN!!!

I also posted a funnie story on BAGINA today.. Im not done with it thoo..mauahaha. yayy.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

The United Nations caught this incomming transmission from somewhere in France, going straight to MSU. Since Brad had hired them to keep a look out for :D , they have been working hard, around the clock to ensure his safty. But, as you can see... she has learned French...and is probably posing as a French spy! Here is the letter that was confiscated:

Au clou à tête perdue,

Bradley, vous êtes mon pâté en croûte de potiron. J'ai besoin de vous pour toucher mon weeiner. Un dieu d'Oh, comment je veux le thee! Je suis fatigué de vous égrapper! Il est si difficile de regarder dans vos fenêtres votre école. Je dois vous violer sur un morceau géant de pizza que vos propres deux mains viriles ont fait...


Ok... now let me translate that for you, it says in English:

With the brad,

Bradley, you are my meat pie of pumpkin. I need you to touch my weeiner. A god of Oh, how I want the thee! I am tired to pick off you! It is so difficult to look in your windows your school. I must rape you on a giant piece of pizza pie that your clean two virile hands made...

:D you can see... :D needs some lessons on how to write the French language...what a creep.

Friday, November 15, 2002

I went to Antartica for 2 hours and while I was there, I stumbled upon the cutest seal-pup! So, I go over to it and sit on my knees to give it a pat. But, as I am doing so....all of a sudden I get this firece chill that goes down my spine and makes all my hair stand up on end....I can feel something truly evil is close by....As I once agian look down at the seal-pup, I notice something moving within it's eye... and then... I see why I feel like my life is being threatend...

.....Oh My God... it's essence of :D in that pups eye! I quickly turn myself around in hopes to out wit the offending stalker and then I see something far off to the right scamper away... I was too late...

I suspect that :D was trying to push me into a hole in the she was after me this time...
I never felt so luckey tho, to get out alive...but I have one thing to :D

:D, you better watch yourself...for someday you may be the one being watched.... you may find yourself looking into a seals eye and see me...standing behind you...ready to shove you into a hole in the Artic ice...biznatch.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I put up a new template for the BAGINA MONOLOGUES site.... it's funnie. I even wrote a long story there today while I was at school...and I still am at school.
Mac computers DO suck. The ones at school ALWAYS FRICKING FREEZE!! And they are even new! And that pisses me off ...with the MAC commercials saying that PC's always crash and lose files.... THE FUCK THEY DO... more like Mac's suck and do all that crap. Whatever Bill Gates, creator of Macintosh, great way to name a computer after an apple.... eat my ass, fecker!

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Scary things happen when I am bored and do not feel like working on my English paper. I was drawing in Bryce for the first time in forever and I made this:

Pretty, right? But suddenly, :D's mind control attacked, and I was forced to add her in!

Why God!?

Thursday, November 07, 2002

:D 's father had a guest-roll in the 1960's Television show " Mission Impossible." ......

....Which I happen to believe this is how :D is able to sneak into place's that Brad goes to and spy on him... resulting in this future sketch I made... This is one of Brad's future rooms that he will be working in since he is going to be in politics... and this WILL be the result...


Wednesday, November 06, 2002

:D has been going thru Star Trek: The Animated Series' collection and imprinting her own likeness onto Captain Kirks face...

Personally... I am outraged. :D 's likeness is not what I want to be seeing making out with strange green fleshed space ho's, or trying to be melodramatic... damn you :D
If William Shatner knew about this (and oh... he knows... for he is the Shatman) he would kick :D's frickin ass, then crap on it's deefaced face.

:D was upset. The election was close - Brad wanted Posthumus to win, instead of the Ice Queen, Jennifer Granholm. But Granholm was leading in the polls.

So :D immediately went on the campaign trail. This picture was found of :D, who obviously disguised herself and snuck into a Pro-Posthumus rally.


Sunday, November 03, 2002

I just thought that these would be funnie.. ehh. :B

I Am The Sex Toy:

Fuzzy Cuffs: Everyone knows who's in charge here, its me! I'll grab you by the wrists and not let go until you are good and done. Ten-hut!

Find out what sex toy you are.


What magazine am I?

I am Book: There is nothing better then the written word. Nothing engrosses me more then a masterpiece on paper. If you want to watch COPS you can always dig my TV out of the dumpster.

What magazine am I?

SOooo true...
My College Is:

Night School
Students at Night School goof off a lot.
Students at Night School masturbate a lot.
Weed is the drug of choice.
The average GPA is 2.75

What protester am I?

I am the hypocrite: I like going to rallies and enjoying all the like minded people. I pretend to care about the causes I protest for, yet you won't see me sacrifice much to help out. I often have higher expectations of other people then I do of myself. It's worth while for me to get arrested in front of my friends; I really need to keep up with my image. Therefore you will often find me antagonizing the police.

What protester am I?

What is my spectrum?

I am blue: My main color is blue. I am a little bitter when people choose a blissfully ignorant aproach to life. I try to see things for the way they really are.

What is my spectrum?

Book Worm Meter

Shut In 93%
7% Out Of The House
Intellectual 95%
5% Moron
High Attention Span 95%
5% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 96%
4% Book Burner
Book Worm 94.75%
5.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.