Saturday, June 14, 2003

Deeface could be seen sitting atop a large basket on the northern shores of Ireland. Her days of chasing Brad were long over...or were they...

She stood outside his hut in London. Her network of crooks discovered that Brad was going to be in London for a month of school at the University. This was pure bliss. So close, yet so far away...yet attainable. How she was going to swim the ocean to get to her precious one. Her only.
When she slithered her way to the shore of England, she hitched a ride on a pig truck and proceeded to inform on proper care for pigs to the driver.

"Pigs can orgasm up to 30 minutes...and they also like to" She told the hairy fat pig farmer, to which he replied, "Did you know that I have sex with my pigs and I like to eat deefaces?"

:D was repulsed and leaped out of the moving truck, tuck & rolled into the ditch where she met a lepracauhn. "Hello green one, aren't you supose to be in Ireland?"

"Why yes I am...your a cunt" and he disapeared.

* * *

When :D finally got to London, she climbed up to the room that Brad was supose to be in and found that he was standing by the door, very still.

"Oh Brad, you knew I was comming right, you want to take me on a night out on the town..then take me in your strong arms and make love to me all night long while we sing songs about our love..." :D said softly, and she reached out towards the stock-still figure of brad...which wasn't brad at all..but a mere cardboard cutout.

He knew she was comming.
He fled.
far away.